North Cyprus Time Zone Moves Away From The South's

North Cyprus Time Zone Moves Away From The South'sIf ever there was a signal from the current North Cyprus government that they did not want unity with the south, the changing of the time zone is it. At a time when the government is pretending it wants unity the move to change to Turkey’s time zone tells us that whatever is being said, its actions say otherwise. It says that the north has a Turkish motherland fixation much as it accuses the south of having a Greek motherland fixation.

On Sunday at 12pm in the UK it will be 2pm in South Cyprus as it has been throughout the year. However, for the first time in the north it will be 3pm. If you are traveling from the north to the south that day, perhaps to catch the 6pm plane at Larnaca, then leaving 4 hours earlier would make sense. However, confusion arises when you realise that leaving at 2pm in the north would be far too early as it would be 1pm in the south.


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5 comments to North Cyprus Time Zone Moves Away From The South’s

  • fluter

    Forgetting Governments, neither of whom may want unity, I wonder what percentage of the population, North and South, look upon Turkey or Greece as their “Motherland”?

  • Polly Marples

    If they cannot even agree on what time it is, what chance for a settlement?

  • Miltiades

    You stupid woman!! Cyprus adheres to time zones it has had for years. There is such nonsense as “disagreement” on time.
    The real explanation is that Turkey considers the occupied parts as parts of Turkey and so do you and all other low down cheapskates. Now get lost !

  • fluter

    Thanks for the lesson Archimedes on how to be thoroughly obnoxious!

    You really are a total and utter prat, aren’t you? And the “stupid woman” probably is far more intelligent than you.

    Blah, blah, blah, council house peasants, weekly baths, etc, etc, etc, and so on ad nauseam.

    Don’t know why you bother to comment on this forum. The only person who takes any of your crap on board is probably Gerry.

  • Miltiades

    [shush reason=”inflammatory”]Hey you little fart, the only obnoxious little farts are the friggin lowdown peasants such as you and the rest of the cheapskates and the quicker you frogged off from Cyprus the better. Little peasants such as you should be in dingy run down council estates.
    Now put this in your pipe and smoke it, preferably when you have your ….monthly bath![/shush]