Cyprus Problem Latest News About Problems in Cyprus Dispute

Cyprus Problem Latest News About Problems in Cyprus DisputeThe Cyprus Problem latest news indicates that while only a few problems in the Cyprus dispute have to be resolved they are proving that the Cyprus conflict is far from a conclusion. With Turkey threatening to annex the north if there is no solution in the next few weeks the failure of the current talks are worrying for the whole island.

It appears that while territorial issues need a great deal of work the two negotiating teams will also have to deal with property, governance, the economy and European Union affairs along with security and guarantees. This does not bode well for a process which has been going on for so many years that to have so many unresolved issues indicates that there are in fact no solutions or else they would have been found by now.

Add to that the fact that the south’s President won’t negotiate unless there is:

• Sufficient progress on the four basic chapters of governance, properties, economy and EU affairs.
• The prospect of bridging differences on the territorial issue.
• An understanding that security and guarantees are close to an agreement.
• An understanding that the peace process to reunite Cyprus will continue irrespective of the outcome of a multi-party conference.

The north are definitely not happy with the territory demands that:

• It is not possible for a community with 20% of the population to occupy 36% of the territory.
• Each constituent state’s coastline should be aligned to its size. In the Annan plan the Greek Cypriot constituent state had 42% of the coastline and the Turkish Cypriot constituent state had 56%.
• Property ownership should be taken into account.
• Morphou and Varosha were mainly populated by Greek Cypriots before the war.
• The territorial maps should accurately reflect the agreed criteria.

Worryingly, President Akinci has informed President Anastasiades that Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan plans to take drastic steps towards annexing north Cyprus if there is not a Cyprus deal by the end of the year.

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4 comments to Cyprus Problem Latest News About Problems in Cyprus Dispute

  • Ian Edwards

    Hey Dom, if it gets to annexation, what do you think it will mean in practical terms?

    I guess if you don’t know, we could always ask Yiannis….

  • Dominic Freeman

    Ian, the quick answer would be the same as Turkey but that would upset Turkish business people who have invested in casinos which would have to be closed down.

  • Miltiades

    Sorry for the delay in replying !!!
    Is this the third world nation that you peasants support? The nation that wants to be our ….guarantors ? NOTE:
    “MPs in Turkey support bill allowing child rapists to go free if they marry their victim ”

  • Ian Edwards

    Nobody has said anything about Turkey being a squeaky-clean country, Yiannis, and I wouldn’t for one minute support a bill like that. It seems to be a short-sighted attempt to address some of the problems associated with arranged marriages and young legal ages, but it hasn’t been thought through properly.

    However, I sure as hell wouldn’t want Greece to be a guarantor either.