North Cyprus Property: Tapps buy property, are evicted and seller moves in new tenants

As a fellow victim of the Property Scams here in North Cyprus my heart and all my sympathy go out to the Tapps. Like them I too suffered illegal repossession of my villa but there is a difference. Although my villa was locked and secured, I was not actually living there.

Michael and Sue Tapp were living in their home at Mayfair Park in Tatlisu so the knock on the door that heralded the arrival of the Police to allegedly evict them from their property came as a complete shock to them. Imagine how they must have felt at being forcibly removed from their own home and then to have to watch their goods and chattels being put into the street. Inhumane yes, a complete violation of their Human Rights, decidedly. So you would think that in itself would have been enough stress for anyone to have to bear.

Now it is alleged that within a short time of this outrage, the Vendor turned up with a Turkish family and attempted to move them into the Tapps’ home. Fortunately, the Tapps were close by and observed what was happening and I am informed that Mrs. Tapp physically barred the doorway of her home and allegedly told the Vendor they would have to go through her to get in. This is a lady after my own heart.

Apparently the Turkish family were not installed in the Tapps home, but not for the lack of trying.

We now hear that the first court hearing for the Tapps has been adjourned. I do hope that they win their case and regain entry to their home.

Knowing the stress they have already endured, will they ever feel safe there again?

The same source of this information also said it is allegedly common knowledge that the Vendor also has his Porsche Cayenne repossessed. Oh dear.

Is this Vendor the same man involved in the setting of the new National Carrier?




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