North Cyprus Property: “killing the goose that lays the golden eggs”

Golden EggToday I received my own copy of The Constitution of the TRNC. It is a very lengthy document consisting of 15 foolscap pages printed on both sides. I already have a copy of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations on the 10th December 1948. Mr Rauf Denktaş very kindly provided me with my copy of The Constitution of the TRNC and I am grateful to him for this kind act and for his ongoing support of all the victims of the TRNC Property Scams. Mr Denktaş recognises the expatriate community for the great resource that they are to the TRNC.

We are an asset to our adopted country, we contribute financially to this country, we spend our hard-earned money in the shops, the restaurants, the yapi markets, we employ gardeners and domestic help. We make major purchases, one of which is usually our home and if we do not buy then we rent. We buy motor cars, we buy car tax, car insurance, we pay maintenance costs to our garage of choice. We pay for emissions tests on our cars, we pay for MOTs. We buy petrol and oil. We save in the Banks of the TRNC. We use all banking services, we pay tax on the interest on our savings accounts. In short we are a continuous source of revenue to the TRNC in the ways I have mentioned and many more that I have not. We even pay for the privilege of living here through our residency costs.

Why then would the TRNC allow us to be robbed of our homes, when in doing so they will force us to leave and thus lose all that important and continuous revenue from the people who are being robbed? In allowing this the TRNC will no longer be trusted and any future home-buyers considering here will revise their choice of country to retire to somewhere safer. Tourism will definitely suffer further when it is already on its knees. Add to this the fact that to allow this robbery to continue is against TRNC Constitutional Law and a violation of the Human Rights of all the victims, the question arises ‘why is the Government remaining silent whilst this is happening?’

I love living here, I love the people, I love the ambiance and the way of life. I do not want to leave but unless our grievances are sorted out then I may be forced to, along with so many others.

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