North Cyprus Aga Saga – Gary Robb’s cunning plan

HMP Wandsworth

During my absence, things seem to have moved on a pace in the Robb saga. It appears that our erstwhile hero/villain (take your pick) was transferred to HMP Wandsworth on a production order, stayed overnight in HMP Leicester and then appeared before Westminster Magistrates Court on the 8th December 2010 where he was made aware that the Republic of Cyprus had applied via a European arrest warrant to facilitate the extradition of our hero/villain to the Republic of Cyprus on the termination of his U.K. sentence.

Messrs Harry Priest and Howard Grocock of Charles & Priest Developments Ltd, at the request of our hero/villain visited him in HMP Wandsworth together with Mark Melia. They spent one hour talkiing to our hero/villain. It seems Mr Robb wants to return to the TRNC to be with his current family and to complete Amaranta and satisfy all Aga victims. It is reported that he has identified and disclosed to them the assets he can sell and will use the proceeds to complete the valley. Now at this point I am sure you will forgive my scepticism, if these assets exist now, then they surely existed before and could have been liquidated years ago to complete the project – couldn’t they? At the risk of being even more sceptical, could it be that our hero/villain is clutching at straws, or heaven forbid, even lying to keep his backside out of a ROC prison.

Of course, I am not accusing Mr Robb of being selfish and acting in his own best interest, just pointing out a possible reason for this sudden attack of conscience where none had seemed to exist.

I am somewhat gratified that my alter ego Polly Marples has been listened to in that there is a proposal that the work will be funded by the company and no money will be asked for, her NO KOCAN – NO MORE MONEY idea appears to have been taken on board, but of course she also said that all late completion penalties would also have to be taken into account, so basically it then means that there will be no money due to the company and in some instances, the company will owe the victim money, are they prepared for that??

I now come to the involvement of the victims Messrs Priest and Grocock. They must surely not have any ideas about the development company Charles and Priest Developments Limited being involved, even in a very small way, in any building work in Amaranta Valley. Even a simple soul like me would see that as a conflict of interests and opportunist in the extreme.

Does our hero/villain even need to be in the TRNC for this plan to proceed? If the Government has the will and if our hero/villain hands over Power of Attorney to a trustworthy nominee, all this can go ahead. For our hero/villain to become just our hero, all he has to do is the ‘right thing’. Don’t hold your breath folks.

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