Gary Robb may reside in south Cyprus when he is released from UK prison

It must seem to Mr. Robb that his future is indeed very unsure. Well Mr. Robb is perhaps beginning to realise just how the folk who bought from Aga Development feel. He not only stole their money and their dreams, he also robbed them of their future. It seems very much on the cards now that when Gary Robb finishes his sentence as a guest of her Majesty, the Republic of Cyprus will formally request the pleasure of his company in one of their prisons. There can be no real reason not to accede to their request to extradite him to the Republic of Cyprus. With his record of jumping bail, I cannot for one moment see them being foolish enough to grant him bail, so it would see he could exchange one prison for another.

We must not loose sight of the fact that although Mr. Robb is the major shareholder in Aga Development, he is by no means the only shareholder, there is another shareholder, Mr. Akan Kursat, will the Republic of Cyprus also seek to prosecute him? Are the Directors and Company Secretary also culpable? This could mean worrying times ahead for Messrs Kutsal Tokatliogu, Cafer Gurcafer and Mert Guclu who were all named in the Onay Belgesi No. MSO6737 obtained from Kuzey Kibris Turk Cumhuriyeti Resmi Kabz Memurlugu Ve Mukayyitlik Dairesi dated 06/02/2009.

It is alleged that the R.O.C. have chosen to flex their muscles in this particular case. It can do no good for the buyers who have been cheated but, at this stage, can it do them any harm? There can be no question of the R.O.C. pursuing them since they have never legally owned the villas they paid for, unless of course the ROC invent a new crime, that of wanting to own a property in the TRNC. It would be some sort of ‘poetic justice’ to see all the perpetrators of property scams behind bars, alas, I feel we will have to settle for just one.

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