Kulaksiz 5 – site of special interest to Akfinans Bank

This is quite possibly one of the most important weekends in the diary of all botanists of North Cyprus; maybe even the World.

This weekend could see the blossoming the rare CORCHIDACTUS, some even doubt its existence, but there in place, being jealously guarded by the resident owners of Kulaksiz 5, is the one and only known example, and miracle of miracle, it may well blossom this weekend.

Would you want to miss such a spectacle?

Whilst you are there you might want to look at the villas that Akfinans Bank Limited have laid claim to. So intense is their desire for ownership they have already forcibly and possibly criminally repossessed two of them. I understand they will be for sale shortly so who knows, there could be potential purchasers amongst you.

Take my villa for instance. It has been ‘tarted up’ and looks as good as it did when I first purchased it. Please remember though, these properties are allegedly built on red clay, a medium that needs specialised foundations to remain intact. I would also remind you that from looking pristine to needing major remedial work only took from the 6th of May to the beginning of November in 2006, and the remedial work lasted less than a year before it had to be done yet again. When I left in May 2010 all the signs were there again as was a major damp problem. The Damp problem being so severe that it was the reason we had to leave. The spores from the damp were causing my already badly damaged lungs problems and I was experiencing great difficulty breathing in the villa.

You will see from the picture of my bungalow which I took yesterday, it looks in good nick. I have also included pictures of the internal cracks taken in the summer of 2006. If you doubt my claim that the villas are built on red clay, cast your mind back to horrific pictures of the cracks on the external walls of Bob French’s villa as shown in both the Cyprus Today and Kibris Gazetesi.

With regard to the two villas on K5 at present inhabited by the family of the Landowner Yuksel Yilmaz. I am quite certain in my mind, though of course I have no proof, that the Landowner has done a deal with the Bank to allow his family to stay in the villas. Could the price be his silence over the fact that the Bank allegedly knew that the land he offered as security was already sold and therefore not available as security? I have taken pictures of these villas too.

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