in Cyprus Today – 2/4/2011

Writ served by being thrown over garden fence at Kulaksiz site – Editor: see NCFP for details. This news is better late than never as tellingly Akfinans Bank are quoted as saying about the Kulaksiz 5 affair that “we don’t want the media to write about this case.” Could it be because Akfinans Bank allowed a £40,000 debt to the builder, which if the residents had known about could have paid, grow to £800,000, the value of all the property on the site? Are they embarrassed about their behaviour or would they like to come clean and explain why they allowed the debt grow to exactly that amount through usurious interest rates of 80% per quarter? There can’t be anything wrong with making a £750,000 profit from ex-pat pensioners life-savings; surely not?  Why not stand up for themselves and tell fellow Turks from Cyprus that they are proud of what they did?

Thrown into cell over HIV – a Thai woman married to an Englishman was kept in a cold prison cell for 6 days in preparation for deportation in the belief she was HIV positive. She had been working for Bo Thai restaurant in Çatalköy for 2 years, has a work permit valid until 2012 and her social security contributions were up to date. She had regular 6 months checks which up until now had proved negative. All these procedures were according to TRNC laws.

Festival aims to attract shoppers – the “shopping festival” in Girne will take place from 10am to 11pm on Saturday 9th April. Not only will discounts up to 75% be available but there will be a concert with 7 DJs and various activities. The Bostancı Canbolat and Atilla roads will be closed.

‘Extravaganza will put Girne on map’ – Festival 11, a series of events in Girne in the summer months, aims to make the town North Cyprus’ centre of culture. Cultural events planned include a beauty pageant and line dancing.

Nadir: I’ll take my case to the Court of Appeal – an abuse of process application was turned down by the High Court. For those who don’t know, Asil Nadir is undergoing trial in the UK in relation to the Polly Peck bankruptcy in the 1990.

Things are looking up for brave İsmail as cancer is seen to shrink – after undergoing a second bout of chemotherapy in Turkey, the cancer on 6-year old İsmail’s remaining arm is shrinking and an operation may soon be possible. Money raised by a fund campaign for a prosthetic arm is paying the extra cost of the operation for cancer but he also needs treatment for a brain haemorrhage.

Population count – a census will be carried out in North Cyprus this year in order to settle one of the issues raised during the Cyprus Talks – how many Turkish mainlanders are living here.

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