Kibris Genc TV to air UK election special

Londra Penceresi UK 2010 elections special

On Wednesday 5 May, between 22.30 and 00.00, Kibris Genc TV UK will be creating history when it airs a live programme in English dedicated to the UK general and local elections, allowing British Turks to say who will be getting their vote on 6 May. For one night only, Alp Ermiya will make way for a crop of younger presenters to host his weekly community show Londra Penceresi. During the one and a half hour programme, community and expert commentators will join representatives from the three main political parties in the studios and by telephone for interviews and lively discussions. In usual Londra Penceresi format, viewers will also be able to participate, by emailing or calling in with their comments and questions.

This unique show – the first for the British Turkish community – will be broadcast live on Turksat, D-Smart and via Kibris Genc TV’s website. The presenters will be trade unionist and former Embargoed! chair Fevzi Hussein and producer/director Dowan Ahmet, who will be putting the politicians through their paces, covering party policies on local, national and international issues ranging from crime to education, the economy, the EU, and Cyprus and Turkey.

The show’s executive producer Ipek Ozerim said, “We are all excited to be doing this historic show – the first to create a live platform for our community to engage directly those who want our votes. We will also be reaching out to the tens of thousands of British Turks whose first language is now English. Britain’s ethnic minorities will play a key role in determining the outcomes of many closely fought seats on 6 May, so Genc TV’s UK election special on the eve of the elections will be an important barometer of who British Turks want to represent them.”

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