Cyprus Property Action Group website now unavailable

Following on from yesterday’s article, with the help of  “Thomas”,  we’ve managed to track down some of the missing information from the CPAG website. Currently the website is unavailable and any search for results in a “no web site is configured at this address” message.

As I wrote in the last article, Leptos Estates in south Cyprus claimed damages for libel in relation to a particular page on CPAG’s website entitled “Leptos Buyers Action Group Demonstration.” A search of Google’s cache, where old versions of webpages are stored, resulted in the recovery of some of the missing information shown below:

“Threats, Slurs and Intimidation

As you would imagine since CPAG was established our personnel have been the subject of various threats, both physical and legal, from lawyers, developers (including Leptos) and others.  However, in October 2009 the Leptos company forwarded a letter to leaders of two of their developments who were pressing the company hard on matters regarding the company’s practices towards them.

The letter was purported to have come from a group called ‘Leptos Property Owners’ – all efforts to find this mythical group have come to nought!

The letter contained malicious, false slurs and accusations against CPAG and Denis O’Hare in particular. It also went on to state presumably about LBAG :

”It is obvious to us that this action group serves the ulterior motives of such people who most likely are sponsored by Leptos competitor companies (or even worst, competitor destinations i.e. Turkey or even the occupied part of Cyprus as a counterplot of the negative results of the Real Estates market in the occupied party of Cyprus after the European Court of justice decision in the well known case of Apostolides against Orams). It has been known to us that there are organized syndicates that sponsor such groups with extravagant sums, with the intention of inflict damage to the reputation of Leptos and generally the Cyprus Real Estate market and the Cyprus’ economy”

In our response we posed the following question: ‘For the record, there are 14 different developer action groups operating already – does your company consider that all these people in these action groups are working for Turkey?  If so why did they bring their wealth to Cyprus and buy property here?’

Naturally, Leptos have failed to come up with the contact information for this mythical group and have also failed to respond to all the points made in response by CPAG and we reserve the right to publish this offensive material distributed by this company should we see fit.

Finally, we call on our CPAG supporters, whether Leptos buyers or not, to support this direct action by the Leptos Buyers Action Group in order to demonstrate that we will not be cowed or intimidated by these developers who continue to behave so disgracefully towards buyers.”

Source: Google cache

Surely this cannot be the reason Leptos have sought to have the CPAG website closed down?

Update: NCFP has arranged for the website to be available at

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