Justice prevails in the TRNC, Geoff Day aquitted

JusticeI just have to keep pinching myself to be sure I am awake. Today, Geoff and Mary Day can start planning the future. Today Geoff Day was found NOT GUILTY on all charges. Of course, those of us who know Geoff, know he is not a thief, nevertheless, we were all worried that our knowing this would not be enough. I, more than most have doubted the fairness of the legal system here, but today Judge Melek Esenda─čli proved to me, beyond all doubt, there is justice to be had here in the TRNC.

Geoff’s 65th and final hearing yielded the result we all wanted but never expected. The Judge who listened to all the evidence stated that she found Geoff to be credible and consistent in his answers when questioned and found his witnesses to be the same. She found the Builder Recaioglu, his brother and the electrician to be not consistent in their evidence and therefore not credible, which I assume helped her to come to the verdict.

It would be easy to say Geoff has been under virtual house arrest for over two years having had his passport confiscated but I get the impression from Geoff and Mary that they simply now want to put this all behind them and move on with their lives. Mary, who returned to the TRNC to be with Geoff when he received his verdict, is a shadow of her former self having lost 2 stone in weight. Their lives which have been torn apart by the greed and spite of their Builder could have been decimated by this evil man, were it not for the wisdom and clear mindedness of the Judge, who I admit I had my doubts about but I have now become her greatest fan.

Madam Judge, may I take this opportunity to most humbly apologise if anything I have previously written has caused you hurt or offence. It was never my intention to insult you or cast aspersions on the integrity or impartiality of the court and if I have inadvertently done so, I apologise. I am a blogger not a professional journalist.

After the hearing we all adjourned to the Windows Bar for an impromptu celebration. Mary was very tearful and she really seemed to be in shock. Geoff looked stunned but happy. Unless the unthinkable happens and the Prosecution decide to appeal the verdict, Geoff will be able to retrieve his passport and travel back to the U.K. to spend Christmas with his family and to meet his new grandchild for the first time. I guess what they need most now is each other and some quality time together.

I did not go into the court for obvious reasons. I waited outside for the verdict which came just after 1.00 p.m. this lunchtime. To say I am happy for Geoff and Mary would be an understatement, two lovely people who have been to hell and back deserve all the good luck and happiness that life can give them. This is just one of the good things that has happened to them this week and I for one say, not before time.

Good luck Geoff and Mary, may God bless you and watch over you.

N.B. In line with my promise not to report on a court hearing, this is a summary of what was reported to me by those attending the hearing.

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