in Cyprus Today – 18/12/2010

Tears of Joy as case ends – Geoff & Mary Day have been acquitted of theft and criminal damage and in a parallel case their builder, Mr Recaioğlu, has been ordered to return £107,995 they paid towards their villa and to pay them £200,000 compensation for “stress and anxiety” caused. Geoff is quoted as saying, “it has taken two years and three months, but justice has at last been served.” Editor: I suggest that Geoff quickly places memorandums on the builder’s assets including the villa he paid for.

“Horrified” at population – the PM believes the population exceeds 600,000 and is not 268,000 as per the last census. He believes that there must be 100,000s of illegal immigrants in North Cyprus and unions even believe there may be up to a million people living here.

Gas prices rise – again – to 29.50TL. Consumers are perplexed that statistics coming from the State Planning Organisation suggests that the cost of living is not increasing, and therefore the minimum wage is not either, and yet fuel prices are increasing dramatically. Editor: perhaps the statistics for North Cyprus population came from the same source?

Dust storm blows over the country Editor: I know, I’ve got to clean up after I’ve written this.

Water threat over last owner’s unpaid bills – a Turkish Cypriot bought an apartment and then discovered that he’d inherited the previous owner’s unpaid water bill. Eventually it increased to 7,000TL because of added interest. Girne Municipality is quoted as saying, “did they not undertake any searches to determine whether the apartment had any past electric, water or telephone bills?” Editor: ooops, if you’re buying a property don’t forget to instruct your Advocate to make these checks and while you’re at it make sure there aren’t any unpaid bills for the building work. That’ll be easy to find out. I’m picturing the previous owner’s builder friend turning up at the apartment with a bill for £50,000 for building the property. Nah, that would be ridiculous! Anyway it would be cheaper to buy tankered water from now on instead of paying the previous owner’s bill.

Country urged to be ‘more upbeat’ – according to the President, because the use of anti-depressants in North Cyprus has increased by 20%. Editor: couldn’t be because you’re cutting people’s salaries could it Mr President? See below:

Pensioners gather for tax protestEditor: and taxing their pensions for the first time?

Extinction warning – only a handful of Griffon vultures and Ravens remain in Cyprus. Editor: there might be even less after this Sunday’s hunt.

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