Ipek Ozerim's article in Cyprus Today

Every now and then an article appears which encapsulates something that you’ve been trying to pin down, in this case; why is nothing being done about north Cyprus’ problems? We’ve had forced auctions of properties the owners had paid for in full, court cases concerning the alleged theft of tins of paint, costing the defendants in excess of £10,000 to prove their innocence and the mismanaged government owned Cyprus Turkish Airlines forever on the brink of bankruptcy. It took Ipek Ozerim’s article to link all these together and pinpoint the common denominator in them all; politicians who are “part of the corrupt system, either benefiting from it or finding it easier to turn a blind eye.”

Before the Greek Cypriots who read this take this to mean their system down south is any different, I ask them to read the articles in the Cyprus Mail saying much the same about their own politicians. For example President Christofias’ pardoning of a Paphos lawyer who had a total disregard of the law. (Cyprus Mail)

Read the whole article using the link below:

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