Immovable Property Commission to give Varosha back?

Derelict Hotel Varosha

I know that some of you think I’m making this all up but even I am have trouble believing what I’m reading; mainly in the Cyprus Mail. It seems as if the ECHR decision has opened the floodgates for Greek Cypriots with property in the north. As one GC put it, “the government of Cyprus decided my land was worth nothing. Now I’m proving that it is worth something.” This is all because, despite RoC government attempts to stop GCs cashing in their property, this is what a vast number want to do. They see no chance of a political settlement and so the alternative is to grab the cash while it is on offer. Another quote, reputedly from the IPC, was that “it might be seen as worth it for an individual to do in 40 days what politicians and the ECHR have failed to do in 40 years.”

This move is given great credibility because Greek Cypriot property lawyer Constantis Candounas, who successfully ran the Orams case, now says he will use the IPC to gain restitution for his refugee clients. He has made it clear that since the ECHR ruling, the IPC is now the only place to go and GCs are taking him at his word.

Human rights lawyer Achilleas Demetriades believes he has a cunning plan. His idea is for all those GCs with property in the fenced off area of Famagusta, Varosha, should apply to the IPC en mass. He believes that by doing this Turkey will be unable to pay compensation and unwilling to return the property. However, former Attorney-general Alecos Markides disagreed, saying that Turkey could surprise everyone and instead allow people to return to Varosha. He believes there is no special reason why the cannot.


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