Greek Cypriots must claim property by 31st December 2011

ECHR Court Room

The Immovable Property Commission has set a deadline for GCs to claim their property in the north; they have to do so by 31st December 2011 or else forfeit the right to claim. This deadline seems unfair considering that many people may not even know they have ownership rights over property left behind by a deceased relative, for example. Is it also possible that the RoC will take a similar stance concerning Turkish Cypriot property in the south?

I imagine the alternative will still be that those who decide to wait for a political settlement will be able to claim their land under whatever terms are agreed in any settlement that may be made between the south and the north. This shift seems to be putting pressure on a more rapid settlement of the property problem than previously seemed possible. It could also mean that by 1st January 2012 those occupying GC property in the north could feel more secure than ever before. From 2012 this could lead to a surge of property sales in the north as well as GC refugees occupying TC property in the south being given title deeds.

It will be interesting to see how the RoC, and Greek Cypriots generally, responds to this ECHR declaration.

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