Historical Limassol Mosque set on fire in South Cyprus

Historical Limassol Mosque set fireThe TRNC Foreign Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün denounced an arson attack on the Köprülü Hacı İbrahim Ağa Mosque, located in Limassol.

“We [the KKTC government] strongly condemn the arson attack on the Köprülü Mosque in the city of Limassol in Greek Cyprus on Friday, April 13, that caused the gate of the mosque to be seriously damaged.” He accused the Greek Cypriot leadership of being responsible for the rapidly growing racism and intolerance in te south saying that by remaining silent about this and similar incidents they have served only to encourage further violent acts and attitudes.

Özgürgün said that if Greek Cypriots attempt to cover up the arson attack then the TRNC government will hold them responsible for attacking Turkish-Muslim values in Greek Cyprus. “We invite international institutions interested in the protection of the island’s cultural and religious heritage to respond to such incidents, which were frequent in the past, and to warn the Greek Cypriot government,” he declared.

The mosque was on the verge of collapse after intruders used petrol to set the building on fire. The mosque’s door, wooden porch and one of its windows was burned, while the carpets inside were blackened by the soot from the fire. The mosque had been attacked 15 days previously but the Greek Cypriot police have not detained anyone in relation to the attack merely saying that it was the work of some young people.


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