Akfinans Bank | “an entire Ministry seems to be showing a bias towards the Bank”

Having read what had occurred in the Ministry of the Interior yesterday, I just had to telephone Ms Read and ask if it were true. She confirmed, yes indeed it was true, she confirmed and then went on describe the situation in more detail. It seems unfortunate that the Kader involved actually resembles what we all think he is, a furry animal you would call the pest control in to eradicate if you found him in your home. Those are my words, not Ms. Read’s, she seems reluctant to speak harshly of the Kader’s even after all the damage they have inflicted upon her.

She explained to me that many of her allies had already confirmed that there was a close contact between the Bank owning family and the Ministry and that would explain how Talat Kursat was privy to the date and the contents of a letter from her Advocate to the Permission to Purchase Department within the Ministry which could only have been obtained by having access to the actual file. Certainly, the way she describes Mehmet Kader’s confidence when walking into the meeting with the Minister, the Minster’s actual acceptance of his presence without a qualm certainly does not bode well for the Kulaksiz 5.

The fact that when passed on to a colleague, a photocopy of the YUKSEK IDARE MAHKEMESINDE ANAYSANIN 152, MADDESI HAKKINDA YM 82/2010 being produced and put under her nose makes her more certain that the Kader family have a great deal of influence within this Ministry. For those of you, like me, who do not know what this is, it is in fact a copy of a court document. This one from the High Court confirming that the Kulaksiz 5 had withdrawn from the Appeal case; appealing the decision in Girne Court of the 26.08.2011, a case she paid her share of the stamp duty on when it was lodged.

Indeed if you think back, Ms Read was accosted outside another court appearance and forced to pay the whole costs of this case by the Bailiff accompanied by two plain clothes police officers. She confirmed she was shocked on two counts: 1) that the Ministry should feel it necessary to produce this document since she had not gone there to discuss Kulaksiz 5 case, 2) that she, as a fee payer in this case, had not been aware of the court date or the intention to withdraw the case.

I asked Ms Read if the Kulaksiz 5 had reimbursed her the costs she was forced to pay for the whole group and she said, with the exception of one litigant, they had. I asked which one but she said she was not prepared to name him at this time.

It is reprehensible that an entire Ministry seems to be showing a bias towards the Bank. It is even more reprehensible that the Ministry act as if they have no idea why Pauline Read’s Permission to Purchase has not been granted, or even who she is, although tellingly, she says they ask where she was born and lived in the UK.

It would seem that Mr Kader easily recognised her when she walked into the waiting room and his greeting to her friends was less than cordial. I asked here if he spoke to her, she said that, if he did, she was not aware of it but there was a lot of chuntering going on in the corner.

The Ministry now seem to think because it is lawful they can, without a conscience, allow even more misery to be heaped upon its guests by giving leave for more and more Auctions to take place. It may be lawful, it is not JUST. Ms Read said, North Cyprus is beautiful, the people are kind and hard working, what is happening here is ugly.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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