Drive Time with Fevzi and Canan – the topic is TRNC property problems

Tomorrow’s radio show Drive Time with Fevzi and Canan promises to be lively and not a little controversial.  It is reported that the NGO’s in London have been told that they are not to ask the TRNC Foreign Minister any questions on the Kulaksiz 5 situation or indeed any other of the Property Problems being suffered by the ex-pat and London Turkish Cypriot purchasers in the TRNC.

The TRNC’s Foreign Minister will be addressing the House of Lords and attending a Dinner in his honour whilst he is there.  Honour, what an appropriate word, it seems in very short supply here when it comes to the property victims. Yet here we are, our mother country affording the TRNC Minister this undoubted honour, treating him with respect and dignity that we British are renowned for, he however is under instruction not to answer the hard questions. Well, sir, you may not answer the questions, but I have no doubt you will be asked them.

Also I am reliably informed that the TRNC Representative in London will be asked to comment on the property situation. Marion Stokes is expected to ring in to give her views and to no doubt inform us all of the Meeting at the Pia Bella on Thursday 7th April at 15.30 hours. The title of the meeting “Blame or Support – It’s Up to You” which is to be in English and Turkish. What an unfortunate title when you consider how this Government has ignored all property problems, refused to enter into meaningful dialogues and been conspicuous by their absence when needed. Ask the beleaguered residents of Kulaksiz 5 who they blame and who has not supported them. Suddenly we are expected to step up to the plate. Dream on.

The number of people who have contacted the programme, people with TRNC property problems, has overwhelmed Fevzi and he is hoping to highlight some of their cases, read their emails or speak to them live on air. This is a very important show. This is a show you are not going to want to miss. You will be relieved to know I shall not be speaking on the show this week.

If you want to listen in on the internet go to If you want to take part telephone 00 44 208 881 2020/0606 or text 00 44 7806932966 or alternatively you can email [email protected]

Whatever you do, you do not want to miss this radio show – 6.00 to 8.00 p.m. uk time 8.00 – 10.00 p.m. TRNC time.

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