British ex-pat residency costs in Turkey slashed to £195 for five years

Cyprus44 poster “aussiejock” estimates that it currently costs 4625TL (about £1850) to pay for 5 years residency in the TRNC. However changes in Turkey have greatly reduced residency fees there:

“THOUSANDS of British expats in Turkey were today given the possible best news – the residency permit cost has been slashed to just £50 a year and will be effective from today (Friday April 1).

one-year is now 120TL (about £50 or 80 US dollars);

two years is now 210TL (140 US dollars)

three years is now 300TL (200 US dollars)

four years is now 390TL (260 US dollars)

five years is now 480TL (320 US dollars)”

This means that a 5-year Turkish residency visa would cost £195.

There are unfounded hopes that the TRNC will follow this move and not only issue convenient 5 year visas but will also reduce the cost making applying for residency economic common sense. Oink, oink what is that flying up there?

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