Cyprus Property News | Conor O’Dwyer Granted Legal Aid in the South

Cyprus Property News | Conor O'Dwyer Granted Legal Aid in the SouthWhat a wonderful Christmas present has been given to Conor O’Dwyer, courtesy of Judge Tefkros Economou in Famagusta District Court.  EU directive 2002/8EC which deals with border disputes in the EU was voted into law in Cyprus in 2005 and deals with Human Rights and Criminal cases. It is under this law that Judge Economou granted legal aid to our hero Conor O’Dwyer and I have to say the Judge has been very brave to do so. This decision is said to be a ‘first’ in the Republic, but having created the precedent, let us hope it opens the doors to many more such decisions to help the beleaguered victims of the property scams in the south.

Conor O’Dwyer has suffered much at the hands of his Builder, having been beaten so badly by him that he needed to be hospitalised. He has been denied justice, carried out a lonely vigil outside the Parliament building in Nicosia and been verbally abused by many Greek Cypriots. Let us hope that this is the beginning of a new era in his treatment by the legal system in the RoC and that his bravery and tenacity yields his much deserved victory.

Let us also hope it heralds a change in the way all such victims in the RoC are treated.  With the proposed new law aimed at capping Bank lending interest here in the TRNC set to be ratified and brought on to the statute books in the New Year, could this be the start of the recovery of the Property Market on the whole of the island?  Clearly, without some new and dramatic moves on both sides of the border, the Property Sectors will continue to shrivel and die.


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