North Cyprus News Update | Cyprus Today – 24/12/2011

North Cyprus News Update | in Cyprus Today - 24/12/2011Waste left to rot as tip closed – a move to improve waste disposal at Dikmen dump has worsened the situation. The dump was closed on 15th December in preparation for landscaping but, as the new facility was not ready, waste is being openly dumped nearby.

Expat takes action over £55,000 – John Dempster has taken his advocate Munur Dorali to the TRNC Bar Association for not returning the money he was holding for him as a security while a court action against Santa Fe Construction was ongoing. John won the case in March 2010 and was awarded £108,000 which he is yet to receive. The advocate has offered to pay back £40,000 and seems to be suggesting that he keeps £15,000 to pay his fees. Santa Fe has offered property to Paul as it has no money to pay his award. Editor: are we supposed to believe the Santa Fe properties offered are not mortgaged? Wasn’t Mr Denktas’ grands0n imprisoned for not paying his debt?

Court delay shock for homeowners – Mary & Geoff Day’s case was adjourned for another two months after Geoff had flown in especially for the case. They are asking how they are to know whether the case will be adjourned yet again in February. This is after 65 court appearances to prove their innocence in a case taken against them for “stealing” building materials left on their property.

Amnesty heralds end of compulsory military service – many young Turkish Cypriots do not live in North Cyprus because of the likelyhood of being called up. The deal now is that if they pay £2000 and move to the island then the requirement for military service will be dropped.

Move to protect victims of swingeing interest rates – a meeting of Ministers on Wednesday unanimously agreed on an urgent parliamentary committee debate on the matter. There seems to be a unanimous support in Parliament for the Bill. Editor: if only the government controlled what happened in North Cyprus then Loan Shark interest charges would be refunded.


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