Cyprus Problem | TRNC Seek Two Founding States Partnership

Cyprus Problem – TRNC Seek Two Founding States Partnership

Bayrak TV (online, 28.10.13) reported that the Peoples Justice Council (HAK) have given its full support to TRNC President Dervis Eroglu’s desire for a “partnership state based on two founding states”. The head of HAK, Mustafa Ulas, said that the single sovereignty and single citizenship accepted during former TRNC President Mehmet Ali Talat’s term was being rejected now.

President Eroglu said that:

“There is no such thing as a new founding state, it is not possible for us to accept this…when setting up a new federation this will be established by two founding states. These founding states will hand over a portion of their sovereignty to the central government. If you try to ignore the Turkish founding state and try to change the Republic of Cyprus to a federation this is something that the Turkish Cypriot people will never accept”.

President Eroglu accused the south of playing with time, by not returning to the negotiation table despite the north’s readiness to do so.

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