North Cyprus Property | FaceBook Hate Group’s False Identities


North Cyprus Property – FaceBook Hate Group’s False Identities

I am sure that Mr Kasif is entirely unaware he is a member of the hate group set up with the one purpose, to intimidate. As their posts from the fictitious Fatma Lone become more and more preposterous, so does the group. The present Government will not take a blind bit of notice of a group, that is so obvious. From its non-existent admin to the non-existent posters. I would suggest HSBC Bank and As Bank look at this group with a view to finding out who they really are and suing them here in north Cyprus…they are after all, suggesting your security is less than adequate and that they have breached it. They are are also suggesting the banks are complicit in money laundering which we all know is preposterous and a total fabrication.

Update:Pauline Ann Read has about 48 libel writs against her but only about ten have been served to her for now. She also has criminal ongoing cases against her for slander. How could someone be telling the truth if she has so many slander and writ cases against her. I think the 48 libel writ claimers would like to know about the 700,000 Pounds in the Kyrenia HSBC Bank which she transfered from As Bank. Maybe they can block it and use it for the damages she has caused to them and the TRNC by her lies. Pauline please pin this onto your groups and NCFP.”

Nadir Efeoglu is a fake, it is a man who uses this false name to build up the membership of the above hate group. Her photo comes from a porn site

Of course like all cowards they hide behind fake identities and compromise and embarrass decent folk like Mr Kasif. Maybe he too will consider taking action against them. I am now happy to report that ‘Mr Kasif’ is no longer a member of this hate group.


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