Cyprus Problem | South’s President Refuses to Negotiate

Cyprus Problem – South’s President Refuses to Negotiate

According to the Ekathimerini website, the south’s President Nicos Anastasiades refuses to enter into negotiations because the north ‘are seeking either two separate states or a confederation made up of two sovereign states’ and by implication therefore he doesn’t. It appears that he no longer accepts the basis of the Annan Plan, which he supported in 2004, which was to lead to a federation of two states.

The positive side of his refusal to even start negotiations is that the international community will at last see that the south cannot accept Turkish Cypriot independence and that there will be no attempt to fudge the issue. In 1960 this was just the case and by 1963 the two sides stopped co-operating and in 1964 violence returned to the island. Any outsider can see that if peace is what is being sought then currently the island is the most peaceful it has ever been. To change this separation and try to bring the two sides too close together is fraught with danger.

It is time for the international community to wake up to this fact and to support Turkish Cypriots in their independence.

Source: Anastasiades says Cyprus reunifications talks close to collapse


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