Cyprus Problem | President Anastasiades: “Our Territories Enslaved”

Cyprus Problem | President Anastasiades: "Our Territories Enslaved"Cyprus Problem | President Anastasiades: “Our Territories Enslaved”

Not sure if the Famagusta Gazette’s translation of the south’s President Anastasiades is accurate but, if so, his example of talking tough sounds a lot like someone who isn’t expecting to negotiate a settlement to the Cyprus Problem. Mind you, considering how unpopular he is becoming perhaps he’s having to preach what the south’s electorate expect if he is to ever have a chance of holding his fragile government together.

“At this time, our thoughts turn also to our territories enslaved by the Turkish occupier” [Famagusta Gazette]

Doesn’t sound like someone who will be coming to the ‘peace talks’ with peace in his heart.

“The reunification of our homeland, the people, the institutions and the state as well as deliverance from the occupation, remain my priority, and my concern and my vision.” [Famagusta Gazette]

Sounds like he’s made up his mind that he’s going to merge the Turkish speaking minority into the Greek speaking majority in the name of “reunification” along with all their existing institutions and the entire TRNC state to boot.

“I remain committed to a solution on the basis of the principles and decisions of the United Nations, with the safeguarding of all of the European acquis and all human rights. When circumstances allow it and the appropriate conditions are developed the Greek Cypriot side will readily respond to every procedure that would prospectively succeed.

Fellow compatriots, with these thoughts, I wish you all a Happy Easter and rest assured that this year’s message of the Resurrection of the Lord will be the beginning of our own Resurrection, our exit from the economic impasse, and of the welfare and advancement of our people. I wish you all a Happy Easter.” [Famagusta Gazette]

Makes you think the reason the south’s President is delaying the ‘peace talks’ is because he has no peace to contribute.

“Peace begins not with countries, not with nations, and not with governments. Peace begins with you.” [Prem Rawat]

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