Cyprus Problem | Make-Believe Documents, Legal Forms and Counterfeit

Cyprus Problem | Make-Believe DocumentsWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Cyprus Problem | Make-Believe Documents, Legal Forms and Counterfeit

My researcher found this on the internet. At first I thought nothing of interest there. Then I looked again and thought, well yes, we hear of the double identity enjoyed by Turkish Cypriots and realised that those with, shall we say, less than honest characters were given a charter to misbehave the day they were given a second name.

Do they use this charter…is the Pope Catholic?

For instance I have heard of a certain member of the legal profession who has an EU arrest warrant still outstanding but is using a passport with his ‘other’ name on to travel abroad. “legend or lies?” I would have been the first to say legend, before I read of some of the shenanigans that go on in the Cyprus, both sides of the divide.

The latest actions of the ROC banks and governments make the Great Train Robbery look amateurish.

“Affective interactions between documents and people in Britain and Cyprus
Yael Navaro-Yashin | University of Cambridge, UK

This article studies the affects retained, carried, and effected by documents, as they are produced, exchanged, transformed, and transacted among their users. I study the interactions which Turkish-Cypriots (in Britain and on either side of the border in Cyprus) forge with documents, especially those used for identity verification and travel. For those who juggle documents manufactured by several complexes of law and statecraft (including the `illegal’ Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus), documents generate differential and politically charged affectivities. Bringing anthropological literature on law, policy, and bureaucracy, as well as Actor Network Theory, into dialogue with psychoanalytic work on affect, this article charts a new terrain for the study of affect (in the domain of documents as objects) and explores emotive dimensions previously unattended by scholars of bureaucracy. ” []

Just think of how brand names are used illegally to flog you anything from jeans to handbags. Pirated DVDs is an industry that used to be rife in the south and still is in the north, no under the table deals either. Go into any DVD shop and they’ll ‘knock off’ a copy while you wait.

Walter M Itty

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