North Cyprus Property | Don’t Blame the Government They’ve Done Nothing!


 North Cyprus Property | Don’t Blame the Government They’ve Done Nothing!

“Compensate Victims using Assets of other Directors of Aga Development Limited
Saturday, April 21, 2012 by Citizen Smith

With the Auction of the Karmi/Robb site getting closer and closer, let us not lose sight of the fact that fraud is widespread in North Cyprus and instead of addressing this very serious and ongoing problem, the Government take the easy option and penalise the innocent instead of prosecuting the guilty.

Gary Robb may not be there to ‘carry the can’ but what about Talat Kursat, what about his co shareholder Akan Kursat, what about the Board of Directors of Aga Development Limited, all are still there, all have assets that could be seized and sold to repay the victims. The company was not just one person, evil though that person is. Can the reason be that they are Turkish Cypriot with friends in high places so the Government and the police refuse to act, surely not? How easy it seems to be to be to walk away scot free if you are guilty but be penalised to the hilt if you are innocent in North Cyprus.

Mr John Pattison is a timely reminder of other frauds taking place in North Cyprus.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith”

How many ways are there to get the attention of a Government who just do not care what is happening the the property victims?

As yet no one has run naked through the streets, or stood on their hands and clapped their feet. Every campaigner certainly has tried very hard to just once ‘be listened to’. Kulaksiz perhaps had an excuse, in Turkish kulaksiz means ‘without ears’ so they cannot hear.

Campaigners have tried going to the Turkish language press, tried the Silent Peaceful Candlelit Vigil, tried the courts and even marched with the workers in the May Day March. What has any of it achieved….nothing. The Government still ignore the plight of so many innocent property victims.

The Robb victims come to mind at this time. It is almost a year since the Karmi/Robb auction was stopped. What progress for those victims…..the same as for most….NONE.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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