Cyprus Problem | Lapithos not Lapta, or else!

According to the Cyprus Mail, “The House Interior Committee discussed a bill yesterday which would allow police to prosecute anyone discovered importing and distributing GPS systems on which place names in the north appear in their re-named Turkish form.” My first reaction is that the committee could discuss a bill banning people waving their hands but it doesn’t mean they could ever pass such a bill.

To me it seems that the bill is nothing more than a gesture, designed to inflame Turkey and Turkish Cypriots into doing something rash. Looking at the number of comments found beneath the article it looks like unanimously people are saying that the government are wasting energy on irrelevancies when they should be facing up to the impending economic crisis.

It is sad that people like Milt, Haier and Jerry who comment here have enough support in the south to allow them to table such stupid bills. My feeling is that if their were ever a United Cyprus based on one person, one vote, then in an election such people might elect more MPs than the 60,000 Turkish Cypriots on the island could manage.

Oh, getting back to the banning of the name Lapta for Lapithos, they’ll have to ban Wikipedia and Google Maps as well so do don’t go down to the south with a PC or a mobile phone with internet activated.

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