Popular Science News | Not Drinking Alcohol is Dangerous for You

Popular Science News – the headline is true but hides the truth. Over the last few decades there have been so many statistics about the dangers and benefits of alcohol that the truth has become obscured in figures. A new survey now sets the “safe” level of alcohol consumption at the equivalent of a quarter of a pint of beer per day. Any lower than this would bring increased risks of heart disease because of the calming affect that alcohol brings at low levels of consumption. It might even be true that drinking slightly more alcohol lowers the risk of heart disease even more but the trouble is that this alcohol increase then brings other risks which outweigh the tranquillising benefits.

The trouble with all research projects is that when they study people with higher than the nanny state acceptable levels of alcohol these people also have other aspects of their lives which bring health risks. How do you take into account lack of exercise, high stress jobs, unhealthy diets and even smoking and separate out risks only associated with drinking? Just thinking about all this makes me want to have a glass of wine!

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