Cyprus Problem | Disappointing Poll in South

Cyprus Problem | Disappointing Poll in SouthA new poll in the south, of 1,000 Greek Cypriots, was carried out in September 2015 for Sigmalive by LS Prime Market Research & Consulting Ltd. It has revealed sad news of any hope of a Cyprus Solution referendum vote supporting the independence of Turkish Cypriots in the north.

It found that 80% of Greek Cypriots did not want any guarantors post-solution, 90% want the Turkish settlers gone, 88% said users and owners of property should not have equal rights, and 77% did not want to see any change to the existing status of the Republic of Cyprus. Almost 60% oppose a rotating presidency although nearly 35% said they could accept it.

If the results of this poll truly reflects the south’s attitude towards a settlement then there is going to be no settlement in the near future, in my opinion. The downside for the Turkish Cypriots is no EU membership and international acceptance and an increasing dependence on Turkey in the future. The upside is that the issue of Greek Cypriot property in the north stays as it was before the current round of talks started up. The TRNC title deed then remains the norm in the north and worries about Greek Cypriots getting first call on property disappear until the next round of talks in 2020 or whatever.

Source: Cyprus Mail

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1 comment to Cyprus Problem | Disappointing Poll in South

  • Polly Marples

    So all remains much the same. 40 more years?