Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline’s Visit From The UK Police

Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline's Visit From The UK PoliceWITHOUT PREJUDICE

Saturday 3rd October 2015

I had a phone call out of the blue from my sister in Worcester this afternoon. Apparently her grand-daughter had had a visit from the police at her home, they were looking for me. They asked her for my contact details which she could not give them, because frankly, she did not have them.

Knowing the history of the harassment and intimidation I had suffered in north Cyprus, my sister was very worried for me. I reassured her and asked if the police men were in uniform, since we all know what has happened to me in the past. She did not know, so I rang my niece to ask the question. She said, yes they were.

I then phoned the police and left my details (I have nothing to hide) and the Worcester police officer rang me back.

His first words were, “if I say the name ***** ***** to you, does it mean anything to you”. “Oh yes,” I say, “that is the man living in my villa.” Yes, you have guessed it, this person had traveled to Worcester to report me to the police there, clearly thinking I lived in Worcester. Some might see that as a form of harassment, considering the history of consistent harassment from these people against me.

First, let us deal with how this man knew I ever lived in Worcester. I have never had occasion to reveal this to him. In fact, it has only been necessary for north Cyprus Government officials to know this when I applied for Permission to Purchase and on my Residency applications. Seems the Data Protection Act is not followed in north Cyprus. Of course, when I read all my private documents that went with my Permission to Purchase application in a Turkish language newspaper, I assumed they had been given free access to them.

I digress. It seems this man and his family are accusing me of harassing them by putting photos of them on the internet and pictures of my villa too. It seems that the photos given to me by a former boyfriend of this man’s wife are causing them distress.

Isn’t it strange, they have all my life savings which are tied up in my villa, have cost me a fortune defending myself against their claims of Libel and my attempts to regain my villa, taken without a court order, yet they say I am harassing them. It’s a funny old world. You could not make it up.

The nice police officer has asked me not to put their names or photos of them or the villa online any more, I will keep my word to him and not do that. It sticks in the craw when you look at the history of the newspaper reports they made about me and the lies that have been told. Does it surprise me they would try to use the cyber laws against me? Frankly no.

One thing this last move tells me…..someone is very worried and it ain’t me. Traveling from north Cyprus to report me to Worcester City Police. Of course, he said he was in the area on business.

If I am arrested on this ridiculous charge, I can at least get the British press to cover it then. Maybe they have scored a home goal this time.

Pauline Read

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2 comments to Cyprus Property Victims | Pauline’s Visit From The UK Police

  • Polly Marples

    Pauline and others have bought lengths of chain, I am told….I wonder which building they intend to chain themselves to.

    Of course, I am only guessing, although in the UK an old lady chaining herself to a building is news. I suggest she bites a dog….I am told that gets media attention too, but not too hard, the dog is blameless.

  • Polly Marples

    Remember Mike Watkin-Jones… much did the stress of living in fear contribute to his death?