Cyprus Problem | Bi-Communal Nicosia Mia Milia Sewage Plant Problems

Cyprus Problem – reading the Cyprus Mail article headed “Fears of possible typhoid outbreak in the north”1, you would believe that the government in the north was at fault. That is until you realise that the Mia Milia Sewage plant in Nicosia is a bi-communal one set up by the EU and that 70 per cent of the new plant covers the Greek Cypriot side, and 30 per cent covers the north.2

The Cyprus Mail article goes on to say that “Turkish Cypriots are on alert for a possible outbreak of typhoid due to sewage coming from the Mia Milia plant in Nicosia, reportedly spreading all the way to the Famagusta coastline.” That’s a long way to travel and it is surprising that coastline between Nicosia and Famagusta has not been affected. My guess is that the plant is somehow releasing untreated sewage into the sea and the trouble is at the plant itself.

It would be interesting to know how the plant is being run as this could give a clue about how a United Cyprus might fare. From this incident you might think that the future doesn’t look bright.


1: Cyprus Mail

2: Polis Life


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