Cyprus News | Germany Concerned About Cyprus Money Laundering


It seems like the avenues for the filthy rich to launder their ‘dirty’ money are getting narrower and narrower.

When I lived in the south in the late 80’s and early 90’s, how I remember the stories that abounded of suitcases stuffed with American dollars being brought into the south.

Urban myth or fact. Who knows? What I do know is that where I lived in Karmares village, villas were being bought four and five in a row to accommodate the Russian purchasers and their minions. How would a law abiding person like me know Mafia from raffia?

Indeed part of the reason we departed from the south was the huge influx of people from the former Iron Curtain countries. With them also came petty crime and from being able to leave your car and home unlocked came security firms plying their trade to absentee owners.

Well I remember waking up one morning and trying to light the gas stove… nothing. Oh I thought, I have run out of gas. The cause was a little more than that, during the night someone had stolen my gas bottle and my washing from the clothes line. I know, what a lazy slut I was for leaving it out all night.

Paradise as it was in the late 80’s became Paradise Lost by the 90’s.


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