Cyprus Mail allegedly publishes APOEL lies about Embargoed!

cmailAn article appeared in the Cyprus Mail on December 11th 2009, in which APOEL the south Cyprus football club is alleged to have accused Embargoed! of having lied about their involvement with the Metropolitan Police: “Takis Antoniou, a member of the APOEL board, yesterday dismissed the report as a fabrication. Cyprus Mail included a link to the report at NCFP and allowed comments from readers.

It became clear that Cyprus Mail may not have checked the truth of  Takis Antoniou’s allegations as according to one comment from Suzanne Nuri:

“Oh dear, your news story here is woefully inaccurate. You could have checked with the Met Police press office with a simple phone call to confirm that Fevzi Hussein and Embargoed! were part of this action on the night of the game.”

One of the comments from Marie Blaquiere said:

Following the comments from the other contributors, another saying comes to mind ‘The truth will out’ -and it is.
So, yes, maybe an apology from both Cyprus Mail and APOEL to Embargoed! and to Fevzi Hussein the Chairman, together with a Christmas card with hopes of ‘joy truth and peace in 2010’, and a desire to afford human rights to ALL the oppressed and misunderstood peoples of the world of whom Turkish Cypriots are but a few.

Instead of admitting that the Cyprus Mail article may have been at fault what followed was a set of comments irrelevant to the original article. I wonder if Cyprus mail will allow Embargoed! to reply?

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