in Cyprus Today – 12/12/2009

cyprus-todaySorry it’s late. Because of work constraints this summary is a bit brief:

‘Death traps’ – the government is discovering, when inspecting the estimated 10,000 unfinished buildings, that “of all the buildings investigated, we observed serious technical problems.” Editor: have they been looking at the Aga properties?

Secret talks to ‘carve up’ land – government plans are believed to involve opening up the Karpaz peninsula for major developments.

A macabre scene left by graverobbers – former GC president Tassos Papadopolous’ body has been taken from his grave. Editor: please let there not be unfounded accusations that TCs did it

PM hitting back at ‘nepotism’ – the PM dismissed claims by a Republican Turkish Party deputy that he had used his influence to gets his daughters work

CTA shake-up as boss replaced by minister – that’s it

Land sale case – a TC refugee from Larnaca claims he was told he couldn’t sell his land in the south after paying £12,193 in taxes on the sale in 2007. A report in the Greek language daily, Politis, said he had not been able to get his money back after being told the sale could not go through until after a settlement.

Promotion prompts call to boycott Ikea – the Turkish Cypriot Furniture and Kitchen Producers’ Union claims that 8% of the shopping bill there went to the Greek Cypriot National Guard. Editor: so it was nothing to do with IKEA taking business away from them?

Air rage over, health strike on the table – after fending off a strike by airline workers the government are now faced with a strike by health workers

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