Could the Republic of Cyprus become a target for anti-Israeli attacks?

Rumour has it that the Greek Cypriot government are preparing to allow a third sovereign territory to be formed in the south, this time an Israeli one. This base could hold around 5000 armed troops and is ostensibly there to protect a gas liquification plant owned and operated by Israelis. Although this move is a little like the Greek Cypriot actions pre-1974, involving Greek troops at that time, the south’s government seem prepared to allow the possibility that should Israeli enter a conflict with one of its neighbours then this armed Israeli sovereign territory could become a target too.

It seems as if the Greek Cypriot government are so blinded by their desire to win a game of one-upmanship against Turkey that this has resulted in them ignoring Israel’s relationships with their neighbours in the area. There is even talk of Israel attacking Iran in the near future with the obvious animosity this would lead to. But, hey, Cyprus now has a new best friend who perhaps reminds them of Greece in its heyday but abandoned now she is about to crash and burn.

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