An illustrated visit to Nicosia International Airport - part 1

nicosiapurzel1.thumbnailNicosia International Airport is an airport to the west of Nicosia in the so-called Buffer Zone (controlled by the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus), abandoned since the fighting in 1974. It was the principal Cyprus airport from 1930s until 1974. The original facilities were three Nissen huts used as a terminal plus a restaurant provided by the NAAF.  In 1949 the first terminal buildings were opened and were then extended in 1959. These buildings were vacated in 1968 with the opening of the new terminal and used by the Nicosia Flying Club and other flying organisations.

Nicosia Airport location

Nicosia Airport location

The new terminal costed £1,100,000 and could accommodate 800 passengers at one time and the parking apron could hold 11 aircraft. The airport has remained closed since the 15th of July 1974 and has an abandoned Cyprus Airways Trident airliner on its tarmac. The airport is currently under the control of UNFICYP, and serves as the force’s headquarters. Parts of the runway and aircraft hangars are used by UN patrol helicopters.

Below is a 360° image (courtesy of Bo de Visser, Holland) of the airport departures waiting lounge, here are the instructions to use it:

1. Be patient till you see the 360 degree photograph on your screen;

2. Click the picture and keep your left mouse button pressed down;

3. Move the cursor slowly to the right, left, top or bottom of the picture;

4. To study a detail release the mouse button.

5. you can see details (zoom in and zoom out) by clicking on the – or + at the bottom of the picture (usually played in QuickTime Player)


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