Akfinans Bank padlocks another Kulaksiz 5 absentee owner’s property

padlockThis afternoon, a member of Kulakisz 5 was checking on the home of an absentee owner, as arranged with the owner, when he saw two men come into her garden, one being the ‘foreman’ working on MY villa and the villa of Eva Mcluskey. The other was a taller man in a black leather jacket whose identity is, as yet, unknown. They confronted the K5 member and the leather jacket clad man asked him what he was doing there and declared that “this is my house,” “where are your papers, show me your papers.” The K5 member replied “I have got papers, who are you, show me your papers.” The first man continued shouting so the K5 member locked up the house, put the key in his pocket and went to his home.

As usual, the Akfinans Bank employee called the police but the police did not go to any of the K5 residents’ houses. It was observed however that Akfinans Bank employee had put an industrial size chain and padlock on the absentee owner’s gate.

A member of our legal team was called, he went to the police station and then accompanied the police back to Kulaksiz 5. The police inspected the inside of the villa in question. This villa is fully furnished and the absentee owner is the legal owner. Luckily two neighbours resident on K5 keep an eye on this and other villas whose owners are in the U.K.

The group then went back to Lapta Police Station where finally statements were taken. Not straightforward, but then whatever is when Akfinans Bank is involved?So, folks it may be CORCHIDACTUS watch again this weekend.

The leather jacketed individual who claimed ownership of the villa could be a member of the Kader family, quite possibly Baba. I wonder how he would feel if someone were treating his parents in the callous and cruel fashion Akfinans Bank is treating the elderly, frail and frightened pensioners at Kulaksiz 5? I cannot imagine they will be sleeping too well tonight.

Tomorrow morning Kulaksiz 5 are at the High Court in Lefkosa; friends and supporters are welcome.

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