Akfinans Bank lawyer says “Once the contract is registered the property becomes the property of the Purchaser”

Well, at this moment in time, would you buy in Cyprus? Relax folks, it seems you can according to www.north-cyprus.se.

I found this a very reassuring document, that is until I got to the bottom, Talat Kurşat & Co. Well there’s a name to trust.

Would that be the Talat Kurşat and Co. whose son and business partner Akan Kurşat is acting for Akfinans Bank Limited, the Akfinans Bank Limited who are using every trick in the book to evict frail innocent pensioners who spent their life’s savings purchasing the homes of their dreams?

I will leave you to make up your minds whether you think it safe to buy in Cyprus, and I am referring to both sides of the border.

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