Akfinans Bank stress slowly killing Kulaksiz 5 residents

StressIt is a crazy upside down place we live in here in the TRNC. I will today share a story I have been sent, bear in mind this is from a newspaper, The Victoria Advocate, the date August 15th 1974. I will summarise the report.

A retired Banker Jeff Brierley and his wife Eileen bought a retirement villa in the village of Lapithos (Lapta). His story is probably very familiar to other ex-pats at that time. They stayed as long as they could in their villa when the Turkish troops landed. The Turkish troops overran Lapithos but they stayed put until two bullets penetrated their roof and then they hightailed to Morphou (Güzelyurt). They stayed in a Hotel in Morphou initially, but then they noticed that the police and Greek Cypriots were leaving. The Hotel owner told them they could stay as long as they liked, but ‘please turn the lights out when you leave’. They were not happy being alone at the Hotel and so they then made their way to the Olympic Hotel in Nicosia where exactly the same thing happened to them. The owner said they could stay and to help themselves to anything from the bar and kitchen and please could they keep an eye on the place. They said it was incredible to see 100,000 people leave town overnight.

The most poignant words quoted in this article were when the couple, the only occupants of the Hotel, toasted each other with Gin and Tonic and Jeff said ‘we are refugees now dear’.

Terrible times to have had to live through, yes but how familiar the end result. If Akfinans Bank Limited get their way, the beleaguered Kulaksiz 5 residents could well emulate Jeff and Eileen Brierley. They too could end up toasting each other with the words ‘we are refugees now’.

No comparison I hear the cry. Really, well the K5 residents are in a virtual war zone, practically under siege, feeling vulnerable, frightened and threatened. You show me the difference. No bullets you say, well let me tell you, stress can be as deadly as any bullet and unlike if Akfinans Bank were to shoot bullets at the residents, causing them stress is perfectly legal here!

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