Akfinans Bank blames the Kulaksiz 5 pensioners

BlameAkfinans Bank Limited say in Cyprus Today, and I quote:

“we have done nothing illegal in this case or any other case. These (British) people have threatened us, complained about us for no reason, and the media have blamed us for no reason, without knowing about the case. We don’t want the media to write about this case.”

Well Akfinans, I just bet you do not. So what have you been up to overnight? The dirty tricks department of Akfinans Bank (would that be every part of the Bank?) have been, as usual in darkness, and installed locks on some of the electricity meter boxes. Now they seek to control both the water and the electricity supply. They have done nothing illegal – well I think you will find Akfinans Bank Limited that you have acted contrary to the Constitution of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Article 10. (2) The State shall remove all political, economic and social obstacles which restrict FUNDAMENTAL rights and liberties of the individual in a manner incompatible with individuals well-being, social justice and the principles of a State under the rule of law; it shall prepare the necessary conditions for the development of the individuals material and moral existence.

I would say that taking control of two basic commodities, water and electricity will certainly impair an individuals material existence.

Article 13  The rights and liberties referred to in this Constitution, may be restricted in respect of aliens, in accordance with International Law.

Please show me anywhere in the civilised world where a Bank without any legal sanction would be allowed to interfere with any persons right to the basic amenities in life?

Article 20 (1) Every person’s dwelling house is inviolable. (2) There shall be NO entry into any dwelling house, no search shall be made therein and the movable property found therein shall not be confiscated, in cases expressly defined by law, without a COURT or JUDGE’S order made in accordance with normal procedure; and in cases where a delay is considered undesirable from the national security and public order point of view, without an order of the competent authority duly empowered by law.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights further confirms the rights in this case. Hence the reason Kulaksiz 5 have entered a case with the European Court of Human Rights. These are just more acts to add to already existing long list of violations of the Human Rights of each and every member of Kulaksiz 5.

I really would be interested in how a Bank who flouts the law, and treats the Kulaksiz 5 elderly frail pensioners with contempt, can with a straight face accuse them of threatening the Bank. I think it is the other way round. We all feel frightened, threatened and intimidated by Akfinans Bank Limited.

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