A new President, a new beginning

ATCA UK’s direct response to the newly elected President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. ATCA represents thousands of Turkish Cypriots worldwide and on their behalf we would like to say:

“ATCA congratulate Dr. Derviş Eroğlu on his Presidential victory yesterday and wish him all the success for the future. The public have quite clearly and democratically sent a message to the World that the Turkish Cypriot people have a voice and demand the legal respect, equality and recognition they are entitled to and deserve.

ATCA hope the negotiations with the Greek Cypriots continue but this time on a far more transparent and equitable basis in order to reach a mutually acceptable and long lasting solution. Additionally, we hope that President Eroğlu remains true to his words and that promises made to the Turkish Cypriots within the TRNC and the Diaspora are met. We sincerely hope that President Eroğlu upholds the rights of the Turkish Cypriots and will always consider the long term interests of the Turkish Cypriot people. ATCA declares their support to the President in his efforts to find a long-lasting and peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem”.

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