2 year old snatched in north Cyprus???



The Sun newspaper has published an unsubstantiated story about an alleged child kidnapping from a beach in the Girne area (see link).  Read the story and see how many unsual facts you can spot? So far we’ve got:

  1. didn’t call the police after the incident
  2. didn’t scream for someone to grab the kidnapper and then call the police
  3. the kidnapper chose a beach to grab the struggling child and run away with them to a parked car – ever tried running on a beach or driving at speed around Girne?
  4. the kidnapper believed they would get away with kidnapping in north Cyprus
  5. two weeks later the parents say that “they are contacting officers at home in Halifax, West Yorks,” i.e. they haven’t done it yet
  6. they took the story to the Sun, well known for paying lots of money for stories

We don’t like stories like this which paints what we believe is a false picture of north Cyprus as a haven for criminals, although we wouldn’t go as far as saying what is being said in some of the bulletin boards, e.g. on Cyprus44, kibsolar gives a theoretical version of  what they believed happened:

“I tell you how it was: they were both drunk (parents) and as the kid was drowning, someone (the kidnapper) rescued the kid, he brings the kid to his parents, as they come nearer, the father’s sight gets clearer and he sees them. He attacks the rescuer, who flees because he does not want to get in trouble with a drunk chelsea supporter.. “

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