Cyprus Law | Is a Fixed Punishment System a Good Idea?

Cyprus Law | Is a Fixed Punishment System a Good Idea?

The reasons behind each crime may sometimes be very logical and at other times irrational. Fixed punishment against criminals has numerous advantages but it is not always just.

To begin with, fixed punishment brings equality into judicial system. Thus, wealthier citizens get the same punishment as the poor. In addition, it is a deterrent so individuals bear in mind that if they murder someone, they will be sentenced to a certain number of years. As a result, crime rates in society may show a significant decrease.

However, fixed punishment may be unjust. For instance, my friend lost his fingers in a war. Afterwards, he became unemployed and was not being paid by the government as a disabled person. Being called the black sheep of his family put him into depression. He burgled a house to improve his finances but he was caught and sentenced to ten years.

Life is sometimes cruel and may force us to commit crime. No matter how good citizens we are, we may have to do something which is not legal.

In my opinion, laws should be very flexible. In addition, the background of the crime should be thoroughly investigated. In other words, someone who committed murder by killing a bully, having been exposed to harassment for many years, should not be judged the same as other murderers.

In conclusion, it is not possible to say a fixed punishment system is all about drawbacks. It plays a positive role in legal systems. However, it is likely to cause unfair situations. In order to minimise the unpleasant side of fixed punishment, motivation and circumstances behind a crime should be understood clearly.

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