Cyprus: gambling your title deeds on the spin of the wheel?

RouletteMy name is Pauline Read, I am a gambler (I think). Occasionally, but not too often because feeding tokens into a machine and watching it whir round is frankly boring. Anything other than that is way past my finances and my ability. I must confess though I play a mean hand of whist, clock patience and snap. Now when visiting the casino I admit to wandering round looking for the tables that supply those games which as yet I have not been able to find. I do not know if it is illegal but Agile and I have a system. If one of us has a big win, say anything above out original agreed stake of 20TL each, we cash that up, put it in a separate pot and then continue using only our original stake money. It is a very complicated system and took us days to work out. We have a nice meal, as many drinks as we want and cigarettes, all compliments of the casino owners. The only luxury they do not offer is to pick us up from home in their stretch limo. I cannot think why for such loyal patrons.

Now I would like you to read the following article about a raid on a betting shop in the south, the most interesting part of it being that during the raid the police found cash and TITLE DEEDS on the premises. This is the result of one raid and you have to wonder a) how could anyone risk their homes b) for readers in the south, are they risking their homes, or is it yours they are risking?

Does this take property scamming to another level? Could it, or is it happening in the north?



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