North Cyprus Akfinans Bank – how can witnessing a crime be criminal?

witness thisI am now in my 66th year. Old enough and ugly enough to know how to keep out of trouble. I wish!! I wrote a spoof article on the CORCHIDACTUS, a very rare and much prized plant form. There was a very serious point to be made, would the Bank that likes to say ‘no publicity’ take advantage of the voluntary ‘blacking out’ of the reporting on Kulaksiz 5 and do the unthinkable and illegally repossess the homes of the residents of Kulaksiz 5? I had hoped not, but was very aware that hopes do not protect you from the likes of Akfinans Bank Limited. I wish this article could had gone out on the 1st of April, then the irony would have been complete.

This morning I received a phone call from my very ‘dishy’ security service police officer. Such a polite and perfectly mannered young man, if only I were 30 years younger (a girl can dream). It is obvious from our conversation that this young man was doing his job. This incidentally was the same young man who ‘glued’ himself to my side at the Peaceful Silent Candlelit Protest. I digress. The conversation went along the lines, why hadn’t I been for coffee; I wonder what his etchings are like – sorry Agile. Eventually we got to the real point of his call, when was the protest? ‘What protest?’ say I.

Now it is obvious that my spoof article has been taken very seriously. ‘Oh, you mean the blossoming of the CORIDACTUS?’ ‘Yes’ was the confirmation. Did the Bank intend to illegally repossess the homes of innocent, frail, vulnerable British pensioners, do they still intend to illegally repossess the homes of innocent frail, vulnerable British pensioners? I honestly do not know.

Will the TRNC Government sit back and watch whilst innocent, frail, vulnerable pensioners are made homeless with nowhere to go and no money to go with? I honestly do not know.

Back to my secret service police officer. I told him there was no protest planned, that if people were there to see my spoof plant and if this were to coincide with the spectacle of a Bank illegally evicting innocent, frail, vulnerable pensioners, and if they happened video or photograph this shocking event,  then which would be the greater crime, witnessing the crime or the crime itself? To my mind the eviction is a crime against humanity.

The s.s. police officer assured me he was only concerned with my welfare, he did not want to see me being arrested again for what I was writing. Can you believe it, that in the 21st century a 66 year blogger would be seriously worried for her safety and wellbeing simply because she reports the truth? I can believe it, I am already down one laptop, have already been pseudo arrested and am awaiting a summons.

Can you also believe that I consider my only protection here is that fact that I am so public in my opinions. I do not believe I have broken any laws. I know the Kulaksiz 5 followed the buying procedure laws to the letter, but still the law is allowing them to lose their homes. They are frightened and they have no confidence in receiving any help from those charged with their wellbeing under the Constitution of the Republic of Northern Cyprus.

As for me, I have never been so frightened in my life, I cannot sleep, I am comfort eating and I really have no confidence in the future or the fact that I have a future.

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