Branded Enemy of the State because you stick up for Human Rights?

This weekend I met with someone, a Turkish Cypriot who has the ear of many Government personnel. It was a bit of revelation for him to meet me. When you read that statement, you can be forgiven for thinking ‘who does she think she is?’ In fact that would be the wrong question, it should be ‘who does he think she is?’

He had been fed the usual crap about me. He had been led to believe that I am a Greek Cypriot plant, a propagandist, a trouble maker. He said part of what he had believed about me was not just because Turkish Cypriot politicians thought that way, in fact he went on to say ‘some of your own have said as much’.

Now how sad is that? Because you dare stand up for your rights, for your Human Rights, you are labelled a trouble maker and worse still, an enemy of the very country you have chosen to live in, to spend you money in, maybe even to die in. I have to say, that after meeting me, this particular Turkish Cypriot no longer thinks that way.

When you think about it, it was inevitable that a campaign such as this would be waged against anyone who dared question the system. A system based on nepotism and cronyism, a system that works so well for the few but so badly for the many.

You all read my account of the letter in Havadis Gazetesi’s Garga section where someone named ‘Erkan Uygun’ had his letter printed accusing me of being a spy. He did not use the actual word ‘spy’, but may as well have. I somehow cannot relate myself, a reasonably well preserved 66 year old, with the image of a latter day Mata Hari. Although there are many it would seem, ‘Erkan Uygun’ amongst them, who would happily arrange a firing squad for me.

To my knowledge, I have never met anyone named Erkan Uygun, nor if he would write such things about me, would I willingly want to. At first I thought it may be a false name, but looking on Facebook there are some members with that name. So I challenge you Mr. Uygun, do you have the courage to meet me or are you just a craven coward who hides behind words?

I am not a spy. I love the TRNC, my dearest wish would be to see a healthy vibrant TRNC. I would like the TRNC to be recognised and to have all her Human Rights given to her. However, the TRNC will have to demonstrate that she too is recognising and allowing all her citizens and guests their Human Rights. To receive Human Rights, you must also give them.

Join Stop the Blackmail in North Cyprus Facebook Group. Stand up for your rights, stand up and be counted. 1155 members to date.

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