Akfinans Bank alleged discrimination against Kulaksiz 5 residents

Recently I received a request to telephone someone because s/he wanted to pass some information on to me. Now this sort of thing happens quite frequently to me but I always follow through. My caller, who wishes to remain anonymous, told me that s/he had been talking to one of the family members from the families living on Kulaksiz 5 in the houses given to the landowner in payment for the land our villas are built on. Indeed the connection to the British owners is very close, because their homes and our homes share the same two Kocans. The Kocans given to Akfinans Bank Limited by the landowner as security against his infamous mortgage of 100,000 TL. The caller informed me that s/he had been told by one of the Turkish occupants of a villa on Kulaksiz 5 that the Bank were allowing the landowner’s families to keep their villas.

In an attempt to gain more information I then inboxed a message to Fatos Yilmaz, neice of Yuksel Yilmaz, to try to get her to admit that they were keeping the houses with the Bank’s blessing. I failed to get proof positive but I am publishing the information I did get.

“Pauline Read : I am so happy the Bank are letting you keep your house, say hello to Camilla (your mom) and Ali from Pauline and Chris

Fatos Yilmaz ; Thanks i miss you , i love you, I am now prep school theaching.”

I issue this challenge to the Kader family, owners of Akfinans Bank Limited. Confirm or deny you are allowing the families of Yuksel Yilmaz to keep the villas you have the title to.

As you are aware, member of Kulaskiz 5 were in court with regard to the Writs issued by the Bank to commence the Eviction Hearings on Friday last. It is my understanding that the cases were heard in two separate courts, the one Judge (female) was a little more sensitive than the other.

It is alleged that the case for the Wilsons’ was heard by Judge Talat Usar and it is alleged that he told them they were illegal squatters if the translation of what he actually said is correct. It seems strange that a Judge who has twice ruled against Kulaksiz 5 should also be hearing this case. One wonders more and more how Justice can ever prevail in the TRNC.

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