Beware, burglars at work in Karşiyaka

BurglarYesterday, Tuesday 29/3/2011, our home on the sea side of Karşiyaka village was broken into between 3 and 5.30pm. The thieves completely wiped us out, not only of material items but also of jewellery of great sentimental value that had been handed down through generations; to say we are devastated is an understatement.

If anybody is offered any items, or has any information, would they kindly phone Lapta Police on 090 392 8218512 or contact me using the facility below.

Some of the items missing are:

1 x Apple Mac Book Pro
1 x Toshiba 300d laptop
1 x Western Digital and 1x Iomega hard drives
1 x Archos Media Player
1 x ipod Touch
1 x iphone
1 x ipod docking station
1 x Cybertec Palmcorder (this item is of great sentimental value as it has the last recorded memories of a gentleman from Karşiyaka who sadly passed away last week and we were in the process of burning this to disc for his widow, who obviously is devastated)

If you have any information, please use the Contact Form below:

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