‘Peniless’ Jailed Asil Nadir Lived the Life of a Millionaire

Infamous Turkish Cypriot businessman, 71 years old Asil Nadir was taken from Belmarsh Prison to attend a Compensation hearing at the Old Bailey in London. Mr Nadir, who lived in rented accommodation during his trial for fraud, claims he is penniless. The rent on his accommodation in Belgravia is reported to have been £64,000 per quarter but Mr Nadir claims he is reliant on the generosity of his family and friends in order to have been able to have enjoyed such a lifestyle. It is also reported that over half a million pounds sterling has been paid in rent whilst he has been in London.

Would that we all had such generous relatives, how one wonders did his family acquire such wealth? So whilst the man from Del Monte says, ‘I’m broke!’ the British tax payer has carried the burden of funding his legal aid since 2011.

The Prosecution allege that Mr Nadir has failed to provide full and frank disclosure, whilst Mr Nadir further claims to have no personal assets whatsoever.

What a difference, Mr Nadir is penniless and has no assets, but lives the life of a millionaire until recently, and Kulaksiz 5 are penniless, are living their lives under siege and are about to be made homeless unless justice really does prevail. The real differences being they are innocent and without rich generous families to bail them out.

Power to the people

Citizen Smith

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